Spring Sports Pep Rally

Aidan Lapuyade, Sports Writer

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Lake high school had an annual spring sports pep rally on Friday, February 8th. There was a variety of performances from the flairs and cheerleaders, and events like a coach vs. student basketball shootout, and heaps of school spirit being put on display.

The pep rally was kickstarted by our Clear Lake Soundwaves doing an acapella rendition of the National Anthem. Soon afterward, the cheerleaders put on a show by doing their routine that consisted of all sorts of flips and tricks. Then the cheerleaders tried to raise the energy by having the audience do our traditional Falcon battle cry. The Seniors prevailed, trumping every other class in loudness and show of people.

Following the Falcon battle cry competition, the cheerleaders did one more performance before the announcing of the coach vs. student basketball shootout. The participants were adults in the coaching staff of all sorts, and the boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball team. The coaches took the gold, beating the students “10-2” according to Coach Shriver.

Once the competition was over, the flairs got their time to shine, doing their routine that had the crowd on their feet. They did dances to upbeat songs as they moved in their bedazzled dresses. Right when the performance was over, announcements for upcoming games and events were made, along with acknowledgement of notable achievements and players.

They recognized both boys’ and girls’ varsity basketball as they both clutched a spot in the playoffs, and then announced the next game for both teams. They then highlighted the captains of the boys’ varsity basketball, with players such as John Argue, one of “the best players in CCISD,” according to the announcer. Once the boys took pictures, they handed the microphone over to Cameron Flener, the lead singer of the Louisville-based rock band Velcro Pygmies, to announce the date of their upcoming concert in the Krueger gym, on March 20th. All the proceeds will go to CCISD Cares and the Falcon Friends program.

To close out, the Clear Lake Jazz Band played Lake’s fight song, with the help of Assistant Principal Mr. Washburn on the bass. As that played, the students were escorted out the door for the remainder of Falcon Lunch.




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