Lady Falcons Soccer team take on Clear Springs Chargers

Jacob Madden, newspaper staff

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The Lady Falcons took on the former district champs, Clear Springs High School on February 12. Clear Springs was 4-0 in district as was Clear Lake. Many fans went to the game expecting Springs to beat Lake, which offended the Falcons.

The varsity game was scheduled to be played at 7:30, but the junior varsity game ended early leaving most of the varsity fans not even in their seats yet.

Every soccer game has 40 minutes each half and a 10-minute halftime in between. Within the first 2 minutes of the game the Chargers immediately sunk a goal in to the top right corner of the goal. The confidence in the Lady Falcons dropped traumatically because Clear Springs defense is so hard to get by. Although the Falcons held them until the end of the half, the Clear Springs Chargers still had the edge at 1-0.

“Next half we need to lock in and not let their quick forwards fly past us for easy shots on the goal because that make it hard for Miral (goalie),” defender Catherine Tilley said.

As the second half started the Chargers got off to a hot run and put another goal in with almost the whole second half remaining.

When the game started winding down, the Falcons were never able to put a goal in. With that, the Clear Springs Chargers won 2-0.

“They aren’t going to be ready for us next time we play them. They got lucky and we can fix those easy mistakes next go around,” Miral Abusaada said.

The chargers are now 5-0 in district and the Falcons are 4-1 but these two teams are both contenders for the district title.

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