Kindness Week

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Kindness Week

Evie Morrow, Newapaper staff

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Kindness is in every day. February 11-15 was a week of kindness at Clear Lake high school. All teachers wore t shirts that emphasized kindness throughout the week. Both Mrs. Franklin and Mr. Drake spoke about the importance of this week.

Mrs. Franklin talked about what she and other teachers did for kindness week.

“I think it was great that the teachers wore their kindness shirts to remind everybody that, you know you can be kind and stop to think about the things you say,” Mrs. Franklin said.

Mrs. Franklin has her own definition for kindness.

“It means having an opportunity to show people that you might not normally show how much they mean to you,” Mrs. Franklin said.

She also wants to carry the kindness of last week into her everyday life.

“I try really every day to complement students,” Mrs. Franklin said.

Mr. Drake had a lot to say about how kindness week is important for everyone not just this high school. He spoke about the core values of the district and why they add value to people.

“I think it’s more important that all schools do it, but our school because one I’m the principle and kindness and character education is very important,” Mr. Drake said.

He also brought up how during one meeting he was with other school principals. They were asked to define respect and how nobody could come to an agreement.

“What does respect look like? Well I know how to define it, but what does it look like? I went to a character conference in DC, it’s a room of professionals and we were broken up into groups. You got a point if everybody in the table said the same word. Not a person could stand up because everybody defines and thinks respect is different,” Mr. Drake said.

He has a personal definition for kindness, which is visible in his everyday life.

“To a large degree yes, I do think kindness has gotten me where I am now. I think the experiences I’ve had, and the education I’ve had helped those things have a lot to do with it too,” Mr. Drake said.

Today, kindness still has a large impact on Mr. Drake’s life.

“Just the idea of people saying thank you more than most days. Opening doors, doing things for other people, I think the biggest thing again is in a school setting to catch students and staff doing the right things and reward them for that,” Mr. Drake said.

Even if it’s simply holding a door open or saying thank you, when someone does something for another person, that’s kindness. It affects you and others around you.

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