Avril Lavigne Conspiracy

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Avril Lavigne Conspiracy

Izzy Gariel, Reporter

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DISCLAIMER: This article is strictly for entertainment purposes only. This is not intended to offend any person or company.

Everyone is familiar with the name Avril Lavigne. But not everyone is familiar with her conspiracy. Or better yet, Melissa Vandella.

Back in 2002, Avril Lavigne was blowing up with her famous punk rock, black makeup look. Then her record company hired a look-a-like to do all of the red carpet, dresses, and all other photo opportunities for her. This look alike is Melissa Vandella.

Celebrities having look-alikes is not uncommon; a lot of celebrities have them. If they want to fool the press, they can send their look-a-like in their place. So, the idea of her company hiring a look-a-like isn’t all that crazy.

In 2003 Avril’s grandfather died, she then went into a severe depression. She broke down on stage at one of her concerts. The theory goes that shortly after the incident, Avril committed suicide. But keep in mind this was the most popular Avril has ever been.

Her company did not want that to go away. So, they hired Melissa to take over.

In 2002, when Avril’s career was just taking off her voice was a little raspy, kind of deep. But after her grandfather died in 2003 her voice had changed, a little bit more higher pitched, a little more feminine.

But her voice wasn’t the only thing that changed…it was also her interviews.

“If you want to know who I am, I think I’m just a punk chick. I like to rock out,” Avril said in 2002.

After the incident, she had a completely different tone.

“I sang in church and I sang around,” Melissa or Avril said in 2016.

Not only has her voice and interviews changed, her style completely changed. She went from ripped jeans and baggy t-shirts, to pink dresses??

Although, fans started taking it to another level. They started posting what Avril used to look like VS what she looks like now.

If you look up 2002 Avril Lavigne VS 2016 Avril Lavigne you will see a major difference, some suggest it was a simple makeover.

Experts came in and measured everything. The space between the eyebrows are narrower, she no longer has the same nose. Not like she had plastic surgery, but a completely new nose. The space between her eyebrows and eyes is way bigger and the space between her lips and chin is a little smaller. Basically, everything on her face is adjusted just a little bit, which makes everyone believe even more that it’s Melissa.

Because you have a look-a-like, there are probably just some subtle differences. If you want to see it for yourself, look up some of her songs to see and hear the difference between her old music videos compared to her new videos. Go compare two of her songs for example “Sk8er boy” to “Hello Kitty”.

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