3rd nine weeks testing

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3rd nine weeks testing

Madison Madeksho, Editor and chief

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As spring break is creeping up, 3rd nine weeks testing is give everyone a final rush of studying and a chance to boost their averages. Senior, Nasya Hewlett only has two exams this nine weeks.

“Thankfully, this nine weeks most of my teachers have given projects instead of exams,” Nasya said. “I only have an exam for AP Calculus and German”.

Aside from her exams, she is focused on deciding which AP exams to sign up for this year. March 22 is the deadline to register so the clock is ticking.

Similar to Nasya, most of the other students in the senior class are also receiving project grades in place of a final. Gayathri Anirudhan is a fellow class mate of Nasya’s and she also has more projects than tests.

“Calculus drives me nuts sometimes, so I wish we had a project instead. But, we have a final and I will be spending all of my time this week studying for it. My grade is solid and I don’t want to risk jeopardizing it by not giving my all for this exam,” Gayathri said.

Her schedule is full with five AP classes, so she will be finishing high school with a bang. From AP Calc to AP Environmental science she is busy as can be.

“In my Environmental science class I worked with Nasya and we created a 2D model of a city named Solar Cliff which is purely ran by solar power as the primary resource,” Gayathri said.

Having a chance for creativity to influence a class over an exam is a great opportunity and stress reliever for students.

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