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Lake Reflections

Teacher Watch #2

Evie Morrow, Newspaper staff

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For teachers watch the Support Councilors Mrs.Propp and Mrs.Ligons watched “Please Don’t Kill Yourself” by: Clayton Jennings. This video is a spoken word poem of the author talking to many different people who are at the last straw of their depression.

“I liked the rapping, if this was to be shown to high school kids, it may catch their attention more to know that there’s help,” Mrs.Propp said.

Mrs.Ligons had some concern about going from a Christian stand point when it comes to discussing these types of things since not all people believe in any Gods or the Christian faith.
“I’m always hesitant about using religion because people that are not religious they could take it as a turn off or they’ll not believe in that god so they’ll just shut-down,” Mrs.Ligons said.

Mrs. Propp’s description of the video was emotional on both sides of the stories.
“Saw a lot of pain, lot of emotion, saw a lot of lostness and the other individual with the word Jesus on the hoodie was showing a lot persistence and love,” Mrs.Propp said.

The emotions Mrs.Ligons felt were that this is how the councilors feel for the person when they are having these thoughts and are talking to them.

“I guess it’s kind of what we go through when we deal with someone who we know is having those thoughts, because we want them to understand there is a way out and that taking their own life is so final and it doesn’t solve the problem it just ends it abruptly,” Mrs.Ligons said.

Mrs.Propp could tell that the people felt stuck and like this was the only option.

“It kind of reminded me of being stuck in that place, that dark place that you just can’t see out and you need help trying to get out. That’s why the voices were loud and reminding them think about this think about that you’re not thinking about this because you’re stuck here,” Mrs.Propp said.

The way the school is trying to help with the mental illness in our school is they’ve brought in Mrs.Ligons who is another councilor for students to be able to talk to.

“Mrs.Ligons is here, before there was just one[councilor], so they’ve added a whole new position to where we could see more students verses there are only so many students in a day for one person to see. I think this district is very good at appreciating that prevention is better than jumping in when it’s too late,” Mrs.Propp said.

Mrs.Ligons found that having this conversation is important in order to help people.

“I think it’s important to have the conversation because a lot of people think that if I ask them then I’m going to make them do it. A lot of people are even scared to ask the direct question or even if they have a speculation to reach out to the person or to a person who could help that person,” Mrs.Ligons said.

Mental health is a large problem in the world in the past few years in particular that the school is now trying to find ways to help with it.

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Teacher Watch #2