Student Spotlight: Tabytha Buccella

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Student Spotlight: Tabytha Buccella

Madison Madeksho, editor

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A CLHS senior, Tabytha Buccella, is a star team member in this year’s color guard team. For three years she has been involved in the team along with choir for four years.

“I love being involved in choir and color guard,” Tabytha said. “It makes being at Lake more worthwhile,”.

The other students in both color guard and choir have become a second family to her, leaving her surrounded by others that care. Her favorite part about choir is being able to express her voice while color guard lets her express herself through dancing and movement.

From freshman year she has known she wanted to be involved in the arts. Mrs. Blakey, choir director, has impacted her lift by supporting her talent and want to be involved. The arts are just a part of the reason Tabytha wants to become a teacher.

“Besides my electives, I also am in PALs,” Tabytha said. “I love little kids and being an elementary school teacher is what I am looking forward to,”.

Being at Lake has given Tabytha a chance to arrange her schedule in order to get her more prepared for college and her future career. Most of her courses this year are not core classes, leaving her open to a customized schedule.

“Being in PALs and health and wellness has given me such an insight on becoming an adult and how to get myself ready for the future,” Tabytha said.

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