Juuling/Vaping at CLHS

Jacob Madden, Newspaper staff

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Vaping contains nicotine which is an addictive chemical and once your body is exposed to that it
is almost impossible to get it out of your mind for good. In high schools, all around the U.S. the number of teens that vape or have tried it has increased 78% since last year at this time. Of the students who do vape over 35% of these students bring the device to school. Kids who vape happily say they do it because of the flavor of the E-Liquid.

Vaping began in 2003 when most of this generation was being born or already a year or so old. It has never skyrocketed in sales until the newly made device called the Juul came to be.

As the popularity of the Juul has taken off, the company has grown quickly, from employing 200 people in September 2017 to 400 in May 2018 to over 800 by September 2018. The more people employed means the more of this device will come out and be accessible to high school students or even younger for that matter.

“Out of all the friends I know no one vapes or anything of that nature. It is dumb and I just have
no idea where people find joy in that type of stuff.” Sophomore, Kaleb Mikulan, said.

Kids of clear Lake High school certainly have not brought this number down but in fact brought it up. During the week of March 4, the school cracked down on the issue and caught 18 kids in 1 day. Who knows how many other kids had the Juul with them and didn’t get caught? The School board needs to crack down on this topic because it is a big deal and needs to be put to an end.

“Vaping has become very popular lately but I’m not sure why people do it. It is a waste of time
and money and not to mention its illegal unless 18 years of age. It is a horrible habit and if vaping has become a priority in your life that needs to change. It will help in the long run,” Junior, Josh Martinez Said.

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