Effects of vaping

Rebecca Mayeaux, author

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The usage of e-cigarettes effects millions of kids and adults. Most e-cigarette devices contain nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive drug and can harm your body with just only so many uses of it. The e- cigarettes are usually small and rechargeable.

The juice or e- liquid is inserted in the vape and can contain highly addictive chemicals. Some vapes have drugs other than nicotine in them, and some contain marijuana. Juul is a vape brand that most adults use to help them quit smoking. In reality, they are worse for you. One pack of pods is equal to one pack of cigarettes.

Nicotine is unsafe for people because…it can harm the adolescent brain; the brain keeps developing until around the age of 25. It can affect the brain, your impulse control and even your intelligence. Using nicotine may increase risk of use of other drugs. Vapes contain: Nicotine, ultrafine particles, flavoring called diacetyl, volatile organic compounds, cancer-causing chemicals, heavy metals such as nickel, tin, and lead.

We can prevent the usage of e-cigarettes by setting a good example using tobacco-free. It is never too late to quit. Talk to your child or teen about the risks and harms of e-cigarettes.

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