Boys Water Polo

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Boys Water Polo

Jacob Madden, Newspaper staff

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The Clear Lake High School boys’ water polo team happens to be the best team in the district
according to their record. At the Wyatt Earp tournament located at Clear Lake and Clear Brook the boys exceled against their opponents. Playing a total of 3 games in the tournament they were successful in all three.

“It was my first time ever going to a water polo game and I did not know what to expect but
these boys were really good from what I saw. I am definitely going to go to another game if it is near Clear Lake.” Senior, Arjun Parikh said.

It’s known throughout the building that players will do anything they can get away with in water polo. Referees stand poolside and are only able to make calls based on what they see from above, but the real action is under the water. Since the players cannot touch the base of the pool, they must use their opponents’ bodies to get the advantage to score or defend. The boys happen to have more fun than you would think even though it is exhausting on their bodies.

When showing up to Clear Lake High School on Friday March 22, 2019 you wouldn’t expect to
see a 6’3 sophomore treading waters the way he does. Alex Williams is a stellar athlete not just in water polo but also in football. He is a lineman on the Falcons football team who is also very good.

“This is one of the best water polo teams I have ever played on. I’m so blessed to play with the
other players who are also very good. We work together and trust each other. That is why we are successful in most of our games.” Sophomore, Alex Williams said.

The Falcons boys’ water polo team is facing off against the Clear Brook Wolverines on April 1,
2019. It is senior night for the team and the last district game of the year, so it is going to be an intense match.

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