Rockin’ Promposal

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Rockin’ Promposal

Evie Morrow, Newspaper staff

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Tears were running and music played as Sierra Reilly walked through the crowd of people to get to Ahmad Sliman, who asked her to go to prom with him. At the Rock The Lake concert, Ahmad Sliman was playing with the band when he asked to stop because he had an announcement.

“I played careless whisper by George Michael before asking Sierra to go to prom with me,” Ahmad said.

Now this wasn’t an on the spot thing; it was planned the day before with the band.

“It started the day before already had my plan to ask Sierra in a different way and I had talked to the band about it because it had to do with playing music. They were like oh that’s cool and then we just didn’t talk about it at all, so I was under the impression that I was going to ask her on Thursday. Then Wednesday the day of the concert, an hour before the concert they walk up to me and tell me that I’m going to ask Sierra,” Ahmad said.

Although Sierra coming on stage wasn’t a part of the original plan, the band told her to come on to meet Ahmad.

“I did not plan for that my original plan was to walk off stage after I played and meet her off stage and hug her, but they had other plans in mind for me,” Ahmad said.

When Sierra got on the stage, the band asked her what her answer was. On stage Sierra said, “I mean yeah,” but she meant it as, how could she say anything else?

“A bunch of people have asked me about my response, I didn’t mean it like that. I meant I mean, yeah, like of course how could I not when he did this cool thing,” Sierra said.

The couple then did a slow dance on the stage while the band played a slow song. Although the dance was uncomfortable, the couple still appreciated it.

“The dance was really awkward, but still nice,” both Sierra and Ahmad said.

Sierra might not remember all of the details of the event, but she still remembers the sweet moments.

“I remember parts of every bit, I remember beforehand a lot and I remember sitting there wide eyed as he did it and I remember walking through the crowd and then being on stage. It was awkward but fun. I also remember the dance being very long and hugging him at the end. That’s the part I remember the most,” Sierra said.

Prom happens every year, but this prom-posal will be remembered by many.

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