Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

Izzy Gariel, Newspaper staff

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Disclaimer: this article is not meant to offend any person or company. This is for entertainment purposes only.

The Bermuda Triangle can be defined as a region in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean, where a number of ships and aircrafts have supposedly disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

One of the theories involves methane gas.  A large amount of methane gas is often known to exist below our ocean floor. It’s trapped in sediments that contain the exact form of methane hydrates.

Another area within the region of the Bermuda Triangle is the strange Sargasso Sea. The theory is that it has no shores but is  bounded by the ocean currents on all sides. This area can trap any boat that passes through and can cause the boat to become motionless.

A more supernatural theory suggests that aircrafts and ships become engulfed in an “electric fog”. The fog follows the ship wherever it may go. It  eventually makes electronic equipment start to malfunction. This leads to ships sinking or planes crashing. They then disappear without a trace.

Within the Bermuda Triangle is a brief strip where on a compass the magnetic north and absolute north become the same. Around the world, the magnetic and absolute norths are not the same. this follows the pattern of the bizzare effects of the Bermuda Triangle.

Many theorists claim that such compass variation could have been the cause for minor accidents as ships and planes have failed to determine the correct direction.

In addition to the effects on a compass, many scientists also believe that the water conditions in the triangle are good for “rouge” waves. These waves can be measured up to 30 meters in height. The enormous waves all have the power to completely decimate ships of various sizes. Many theorists believe that the Bermuda Triangle is also the location of the lost city Atlantis, where people often disappear.

Hence, this would cause so many aircrafts and ships crash or sink is insanely unclear. All the way back to Columbus sailing the ocean in 1492 there has been mysterious activity and the Bermuda Triangle seems to be the root to all of the diversions.

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