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Fun in the Sun

Jacob Madden, newspaper

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As the school year winds down kids are getting anxious to go to places such as Galveston and get involved. Pleasure Pier, The Beach, Miniature Golf, Shopping, Moody Gardens, and Schlitterbahn are all popular in the Galveston area.
“I have been wanting to go to the beach since the school year started but I never had a chance. When summer starts I am going to go to Galveston every week with my friends and have a good time,” Erin Wilson said.
Notorious places such as Schlitterbahn and Moody Gardens have attracted people from all around the United States. Schlitterbahn has been around since 2006 and has not lost any profit since then. Rides such as the Cliffhanger, Faust and Furious, and the Dragon Blaster have been modified since then but only to make it the most fun place to be in Galveston.
Although Schlitterbahn has been for kids ages ten and up Moody Gardens has been for younger kids and many adults. As Moody Gardens is also a beautiful scenery, it also has a golf course and a nice hotel to keep as many people there as possible.
Even though those two powerhouse attractions have had a good reputation for over a decade the new and improved “Pleasure Pier” has also made Galveston a top five contender of places to go in Texas. Pleasure pier opened in 2012 so it is still fairly new with 2 massive rollercoasters, 14 other rides, and tons of other things to do at the park.
“8th grade year we had a field trip to Pleasure Pier and it was the most fun I have ever had at an amusement park,” Blake Talley said.
On top of the great amusement parks, water parks, and beautiful scenic hotels, Galveston is also filled with fishing up and down the island. In 2016 near the southwest part of the island a man caught the biggest catfish ever to be seen around the area.
If being outdoors is what you want to do then Galveston is a place to consider.

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