Behind the Curtain

Skylar Webb, Editor

It takes much more than the cast to create a great theatre performance.

Technical Theatre is about building sets, stage lighting, stage management, costume design and sound reproduction. All these jobs make it possible to put on a production. Just like actors, there’s a lot of effort put in to the show to make it a success. Lights play a big part in shows. Lighting helps create a mood. It also helps the audience distinguish scenes that take place during the daytime or at night.
Tech crew student, Sean Bradfield, works long days to create the perfect lighting for a show.

According to Bradfield, he sometimes works on the set from morning to around 10 pm. During a typical show, a member of the tech crew monitors the volume and frequency for the actors on stage.
Sound is also a critical part of a show.

Sophomore, Sarah Wang does mic checks. She also along with preparing prepares music for the play or musical. The prop master organizes a prop table behind the curtain for actors. Prop masters also build props if they are not already available. Prop master, Grace Sirmons, improvises if a prop cannot be located during a performance. Sirmons is currently preparing for the upcoming production of “Evening With Poe.”
In addition to proper lighting, sound and props, costumes that reflect the time period must be located or sewn.

Misha Hof who creates these costumes. Hof meets with the director to discuss the director’s vision for the show and the costuming needs. He then checks the historical accuracy by researching online. He then draws costume designs.

A successful production requires a dedicated tech crew. At times, the work can be tedious.

Although they aren’t seen on the stage, tech students are working behind the scenes.

“Evening With Poe” is the first theatre production of the year and will be performed in the Performing Arts Center (PAC) on October 18, 19, 25, and 26.