STUCO Overcomes Imelda

Skyler Webb, Editor

Mrs. Dunham along with Student Council worked incessantly to prepare for new Spirit Week.  

 The events and pep rallies students attend and enjoy are all planned by Student Council, STUCO members. The club takes on a big role within our school’s community. 

 We at STUCO, coordinate all the events and get involved with administration to make sure everything is going smoothly,” Sanya Noormai said.  

The let’s glow crazy’ themed homecoming dance, was canceled due to Storm Imelda. The STUCO Club came up with a solution to fix this unfortunate event. 

“The parade and pep rally were canceled as well as the game and coronation, so we went ahead and planned a homecoming round two and do everything over again and have the dance on Oct. 5,” Mrs. Dunham said. 

 STUCO has multiple roles in planning the school’s activities and for student’s to be notified of these events, the club advertises.  

STUCO is also great way to be creative. Students can paint posters, take pictures, or come up with solutions to problems.  

 Many days go into planning and setting up for events, it can also carry into the weekends.  

 For the upcoming dance, STUCO is working around the clock in order to be well prepared. The upcoming dress up days were chosen by STUCO.   

 “We get together as a group and share ideas and get together on the weekends, it’s really fun,” says Mrs. Dunham. 

 Even though there were set-backs due to Imelda this past week, Student Council overcame the challenge and delivered a new spirit week.