The Leadership Academy

Evie Morrow, Editor

This school year the Leadership Academy is a new program for the school. Mrs.Sovereign and Mrs.Dunhum are the teachers that thought of and created the program. 

Mrs.Soveriegn teaches 3 different classes and runs quite a few programs. Because of this, she gets the opportunity to meet many different students, which is what made her think about making a program for people to be a leader in the school. “It’s designed to make a better and stronger leader in anyone that desires that,” Mrs.Sovereign said.

In order to become a member, you need a teacher to recommend you. Even with this requirement, there are about 30 students who are a part of the program, Trinity Turner being one of those students. “Mrs.Sovereign actually emailed my parents about it [the program]” Trinity said. 

Some of the things that will be happening in the program are a homecoming parade float and helping the elderly. “I’m looking forward to decorating the float with everybody and we’re supposed to do something with the elderly later in the year,” Trinity said.

Another student who is a member of this program is Hank Broddle. Something Trinity and he both have in common is that they want to help make a better community for the school. “A lot of unique people with different perspectives that wanted to work together to make the school a better place,” Hank said. 

Between all the people in this program, they all are excited for the program that will be helping with the community of the school.