Competition Ready

The orchestra takes it to the stage to record for competition

The chamber orchestra, on Thursday Oct. 10, was recording for TME Honor Orchestra Competition.

This is a competition that the orchestra does every year, but this year the kids are more excited than normal.

“This year’s group is more special because we have more committed people than normal,” Junior Olivia Dinardis said.

For this competition the orchestra has been practicing for 2 months and are still rehearsing.

“Well we got the music over the summer,” Junior David Kim said.

Since the competition is an important part of the orchestra, the kids practice with each other and by themselves.

“You have to practice individually, but then you have to come together and make sure that one group isn’t overpowering the other,” Kim said.

The one thing that can set the orchestra back however is that in the orchestra room the sound of the music doesn’t carry as well.

“The orchestra room absorbs all of the sound so when you’re on stage you have to change the way that you’ve been playing,” Junior Ben Hodson said.

With the recording finished the orchestra is ready for the next competition.