What is National Spanish Honor Society?

Damaris Sanchez, Editor

National Spanish Honor Society works towards building a community with the students and staff.

Sofia Diggins is the president of National Spanish Honor Society. Her current goal is to encourage more Latino people to join.

“This year we’re really trying to create a community with the Hispanic people on campus,” Diggins said.

NSHS also tries to put together something nice for the staff each year, as a way of saying thank you.

“We organized a Christmas luncheon for the janitors last year,” Diggins said.

NSHS is based around Latin-American culture. The fundraisers that they do often feature Mexican or Columbian dishes, including Mexican Coke.

The members contribute by cooking or helping to prepare dishes that they grew up eating.

This is one of the things that makes the club unique.

“For Spanish National Honor Society, it’s kind of a way to connect with people of the same culture, Diggins said. I don’t know any other Honor Society that has that aspect.”

The requirements to join this club are as follows:

  • Must be in Spanish 3 (at least)
  • 90 grade in the class
  • 80 grade average overall (quarter/semester)