Men’s Night Out

Men in the choir practiced and took their music to the stage

Morgan Rast

Feeling as if the men’s night out choir group is ready for the show, they begin to get excited about the final result.

“All the different high schools chose songs that represented their high school,” said James McKinney.

Men’s night out was a collective of high school choirs getting together and singing.

“I think that we were prepared we had gotten it right during rehearsals,” Thomas Glennan said.

The men had rehearsals for a few weeks leading up to this performance, and they also used the same song as last year’s men’s night out.

“I think I was prepared because we used the same song as last year so I kinda already knew what I was doing,” Glennan said.

The men were prepared and excited for this year’s annual Men’s night out. They seemed to have a great reaction from the audience.