World Wildlife Club

Jiselle Rosas-Zavala

World Wildlife Club is a club characterized on behalf of the World Wildlife Foundation. They are always dedicated to helping preserve wildlife and ensuring the safety of endangered species.

Each year they are allowed to virtually adopt an animal and work all year to help World Wildlife efforts.

“We always tend to try to help the environment no matter what it takes to actually do so,” Dalia Mushtaha said.

The rules these students have is to not miss more than two meetings per year within reason. The president of this club Dalia Mushtaha always strives to have participation from these members.

“I always make sure people try hard in this club and to at least attend all of these meetings unless they have an excuse like an exam or make-up test or anything that is serious,” Mushtaha said.

This club can make a change in the students because throughout the club they will be able to have a better understanding of wildlife and the conversation efforts necessary to protect them.

“This club can really make a change because this is what this club is all about,” Mushtaha said.

The purpose of this club is to promote wildlife awareness and let every student be aware of the things going on with this topic.

“The main purpose of this club is to make sure everyone knows what is happening to animals in the wildlife and how we are the cause in some cases and we are here to let everyone,” Mushtaha said.

The only thing that is challenging for this club is when it comes to fundraisers and how much money they make and all this money goes to the Wildlife Foundation.
“There is only one big thing for this club that is challenging which would be raising money to help the Wildlife Foundation,” Mushtaha said.

This club is very important because they strive to help wildlife and promote environmental awareness in terms of the organisms that are in danger of becoming extinct.