All- Region Orchestra

Madisen Tucker

Orchestra students who participated in the All-Region process auditioned for a chair in the orchestra.

This took place on Nov. 18.

“It was kind of stressful and a little overwhelming,” Luana Liao, a cello player said. “but it was okay because I’ve done region for 5 years now.”

The music is selected by the judges and given to the students in May.

Students practice for seven months with the music to prepare for their audition.

“If you don’t practice enough it is very challenging,” Sebastian Chu said.

The judges critique each musician by ear, listening for specific things in each piece of music.

“I think the judges are listening for mastery of the music,” Liao said.

The orchestra had a total of 40 students make All-Region orchestra and eight advanced further to All-State.

On Nov. 23 a clinic is being held at Clear Falls High School from 5 to 9 p.m.

A concert will also be held within that time frame and has no admission fee.