Ms. Ligons

Jaden Banks-Gaston

Ms. Ligons is one of two support counselors.

Support counselors help students daily with their struggles.

It is her second year counseling here, and according to her, she is enjoying it. Prior to this Ms. Ligons was an art teacher for seven years.

The deciding factor for her becoming a counselor was based on what she saw while teaching.

“I think because I was seeing a lot of students who weren’t my students need support,” Ligons said.

Although Ms. Ligons has made the switch over from art teacher to counselor, art is still part of her life now.

“I think it has definitely made me more aware of the pressure adolescence have to deal with. It’s made me more passionate about helping kids,” Ligons said. When asked what her current job has taught her.

When Ms. Ligons started working here she set a goal for herself.

“Being something that [the kids] can hold onto,” Ligons said.

Ms. Ligons works every day trying to improve student’s lives. According to students, she’s a big help in their lives and they love her.