The Red Light on Green Cards

Eviline Morrow


The Supreme Court took a vote on whether or not the government should be able to deny someone a green card based on if they would need any support from the government.

The courts vote was 5-4 for the approval of extending the act to this wider range of needs.

The wider range of needs now includes food, money, health needs, or housing.

If the government suspects an immigrant to need more than 12 months of support from them, they can now deny the immigrant their green card.

This act extension has been in the government leaders’ heads for quite some time, but originally would not have been taken to a vote.

According to NBCnews, the wider range of needs being a way to deny a person a life in America has been blocked, and not considered any further.

People who try to immigrate already struggle with gaining a green card, and with his expansion of the act it’s only harder.