The Lake Shop

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The Lake Shop

Lauren Miller, Newspaper staff

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The lake shop has been moving and grooving this school year coming up with new ideas and products for the students. Students who work the lake shop during the day get to learn real life working skills such as stocking and cashiering. Beatrize Lara has learned some life skills by working with other kids and in the Lake Shop business.

“It’s fun that I get to be freer and actually do something other than papers,” Beatrize said.
if you’re interested and need information or a new learning experience go see Ms. Jefferson for more details. 

The lake shop has also released new items and currently has three different types of shirts you can buy. 2 being short sleeve and one being long in our school colors with logos. The Lake Shop staff all discuss the designs in a class meeting.

“We all sit around and agree on something simple,” Beatrize said.

Considering that now students have to wear their IDs to go in and buy anything, there has been a drop in sales for the Lake Shop.

“There has definitely not as many kids, but they find a way to get food anyway,” Beatrize said.

Every now and then, the shop has giveaway to anyone who goes and follows the lake shops Instagram. The prize and event will be unknown until further updates.

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