Baron Trump Conspiracy Theory

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Baron Trump Conspiracy Theory

Izzy Gariel, Newspaper

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Disclaimer: this article is not meant to offend person or any company. This article is for entertainment purposes only.

There is a book called “Baron Trump’s marvelous Underground Journey,” written in 1893 and it is by Ingersoll Lockwood seems to predict the future of Trump’ youngest child, Baron Trump.

In the start of the book, it talks about the story of a boy named Baron who had found a secret portal and discovered time travel. Baron of course has a mentor in the book, someone who walks him through his new journey. His mentor’s name is Don and ‘Donald” caused a lot of the conspiracy theorists to go crazy.

Another wild aspect to the story is that the book takes place in entirely in Russia. That is important due to the fact that many Americans suspect that someone in the Trump campaign
conspired with Russian forces to win the US Presidential election and to beat Hilary Clinton.

In 1896, that same author, Ingersoll Lockwood, released a sequel named “the last President”. The book is based about an extremely wealthy and influential man whom lives on 5th Ave in New York City.

The story goes that Don ran for president, even though he wasn’t a good candidate and did not expect to win the election. That fact caused a lot theorists to believe that someone in the Trump family could be a time traveler.

Trump Tower is located at 5th Ave in New York City, just like in the book.

In the book, after Don won the election everyone had gone crazy, they started rioting and protesting the streets. After don’s inauguration, he began signing executive orders. But as a way to diminish the effects the former administration had on Don’s country.

Before Don’s inauguration, this influential man had begun picking people for his cabinet. He had chosen one individual for Secretary of Agriculture was named Lafe Pence. But in real life trump’s Vice president is named Mike pence.

In 1943, Nikolas tesla, one of the most famous investors in all of history, had died due to blood clot. But before his death, he claimed to have built a time machine AND used it travel to the past and the future.

After his death, the US Government took all of his investments and he had claimed that the name of the office that had confiscated these inventions was named “the Office of Alien Property”. In the 1940’s, this was a real government office.

After the government had finally given up trying to figure out his inventions and what they are supposed to mean. They even hired an outside engineer who could understand all the work of Tesla. The engineer’s name was John G. Trump. John Trump is the grandfather of our current president, Donald Trump.

After years of studying Tesla’s inventions John determined that he didn’t invent a time machine. He also reported that nothing peculiar was found with his work. Theorists also believe that John Trump was lying in order to protect his family’s name.

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