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Evie Morrow, newspaper staff

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Chick-Fil-a donates to groups that have strong beliefs against the LGBTQIA community. In 2017 alone Chick-Fila donated over $1.8 million to 3 groups like this. The 3 groups are the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, the Salvation Army, and the Paul Anderson Youth Home organization.
They gave $1.6 million alone to are the Fellowship of Christian Athletes who require their member to be follow a sexually pure policy where homosexual acts aren’t permitted.
Even though the company has said in other news interviews that they were going to leave the argument over same sex marriage to the government along with stopping donations to the organizations, they still continue to do it.
Because of these political problems people have started avoiding Chick-Fila. Ten
universities in the US including NYU have complained about Chick-Fil-a being on their campus and have even asked for their removal.
Although Chick-Fila continues to claim that the organizations they are donating to are using them to better the community for all, people don’t seem to care. The critics of the company’s donations have a problem with what the organizations stand for not where the money is being spent.
Chick-Fila continues to do well as a company but people are watching them carefully.

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