Izzy Gariel, newspaper staff

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Disclaimer: This article is not meant to offend person or company. This is strictly for entertainment purposes only.

The Illuminati we know today is a conspiracy theory that often suggests a group of
enlightened and rich individuals pull some strings behind the scenes and rule the entire world
through their propaganda, mind control, and brainwashing.
By controlling everything every person sees or hears, that is including novels, music,
movies, and even video games. The Illuminati’s goal is to, in a summary, take over the world;
Individuals in the Illuminati are allegedly said to want to set up a single government that controls the world.
They believe in controlling all media, movies, music, banks, and major companies. Since the Illuminati’s purpose varies between money, fame, and the New World Order, they find control as the only way to get what they desire.
The ultimate goal is to create a One World Government with only one single church and one single currency, all under their control though. The Illuminati supports the destruction of every national identity and everyone’s national pride because only then will everyone accept the One World Government.
They seek to destroy all religions, possibly even religion all together. But the only exception, you may ask? A “religion” of their own creation. They want to introduce new cults and support existing ones. Theorists claim that the Illuminati wants to establish thought-control and mind-control techniques all with the goal to of creating human robots who may respond to external direction and impulses. The Illuminati wants to suppress all scientific development and evidence except that which serves specific ideas or purposes to this secret society.
The illuminati seek to suppress all scientific evidence and development except that which serves a particular purpose to their secret society. They want to bring the premature death to of 3 billion people by 2050. Either through “regional welfare” in all the developed countries, or even through sickness and starvation in undeveloped countries.
Their focus is to weaken the people’s morale and to further demonetize the working class all through a large-scale unemployment. Therefore, to push the working class into drug or alcohol addiction. They believe that the youth should feel encouraged to rebel against the status qou. Thus, leading to weakening the family all together.
Another goal of the Illuminati is to infiltrate and take over all governments in order to destroy the sovereignty of each nation from the inside. They want to create international terrorism and to negotiate with the terrorists whenever terrorist’s activities have supposedly occurred.
The illuminati want to take complete control of the US education system with the main goal of destroying all together. They also want take control of US domestic and international policies. They want to provoke a collapse of the entire world economy and thus creating political chaos on a global scale.
Ultimately, they wish to circulate ideas with all respect to religious freedom around the planet in order to undermine all the existing religions, especially Christianity. But in hopes of challenging more individuals to associate themselves to spread and comply Satanism.

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