One Drop at a Time

Evie Morrow, newspaper staff

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The Bucket Ministry is an organization that gives the gift of clean water to countries like Mexico, South America, and Africa. The way they do this is with one filter and one bucket.
The filter that is used is the Sawyer PointONE filter. It’s a small filter that can connect to water bottles or a screw spout. The filter when connected to the tube (which is connected to the bucket) uses gravity to bring the dirty water down and through the filter.
This results in clean water come out of the other end.
The water that the people start out with has parasites and decease bring bacteria in it. Some of the bacteria’s taken in the water are protozoa, or cysts like E. coli, Giardia, Cholera and Typhoid. By the time it goes through the filter it has none of the dangerous things in it anymore. The water that used to make people sick is now the same as what you’d buy in a water bottle.
Not only does the filter work but it also lasts. If properly taken care of it can produce up to 1 million gallons of water. This means that it can give a family of 10 up to 20 years’ worth of clean water.
The way you take care of the filter is by taking the filter, some clean water, and the syringe (given to the family by the ministry) then wash out the filter by filling up the syringe with the water and spraying it through the front end of the filter. Once clear water comes from the other end of the filter it is safe to use once again.
The things that the ministry gives to the family are, the bucket (with tube), the filter, and a bible. The community is Christian based but give the people clean water before they even discuss God. One of the stories that the bucket ministry has is how 1 day a man asked “why us?” and they ministry asked him what he meant and he said “why did you pick us to give this to?” and their response was because we believe in God and he says to help people. This is when they started giving the bibles with the buckets. People felt like they hadn’t been forgotten by others and wanted to know why the ministry wanted to help them.
Although they organization is Christian they didn’t want to require the people they were helping to follow their beliefs. They just felt that they were a person and deserve to be able to drink water without worrying about it.
The group has been around since 2014 and has given out over twelve thousand six hundred forty-eight bundles to families throughout that time and have helped over one hundred twenty-six thousand people. In 2018 alone they gave over eight thousand packages.
In total, this ministry has helped people who need it, and have given them the right to clean water.

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