How to help save the world

Evie Morrow, newspaper staff

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Throwing away plastic, glass, paper, food, and plenty of other things is an everyday task. The average person in the world makes about 5.91 pounds of trash a day. In 2013 Americans made roughly 254 million tons of trash. If every person on the planet made the amount of trash that Americans make every year humans would need up to 5.4 earths.

There are some simple things every person could do to help with this amount of waste. Some of which are using metal razors instead of plastic ones, bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic, bring your own cup to a coffee shop instead of taking the one-time use cups, or if you use make-up start using a reusable wipe. These are just some small changes you can make to your everyday life that not only save you money, but they make a huge difference in landfills.

By changing your plastic toothbrush out for one made of bamboo you can decrease your amount of waste. The average plastic toothbrush takes over 400 years to decompose and when the plastic is breaking down it releases a dangerous chemical. The chemical that is brought out in the breaking down process is bisphenol A. People have a concern over this chemical because of its effect on the brain and how it can also cause heart disease.

Now in this moment the amount of BPA in the world is low and not dangerous to people, but why wait until it is causing health problems to change the amount of plastic a person uses in a day.
On the same note, instead of buying a plastic water bottle, try buying a steel (reusable) one. It will not only last longer, keep your drink warm or cold, but it will also help the future since it’s recyclable and lasts.

Additionally, changing from a plastic shaving-razor for a metal one also helps for the same reasons. They are sharper, last longer, and are actually recyclable which plastic ones aren’t. Just like all other plastic the razers release BPA into the earth. With the metal razer, they don’t have to be thrown away and the only thing you’ll really have to replace is the blade inside it which is also easy to recycle. One razor will last you much longer than any plastic one, so you’re once again saving yourself money.

Along with things that people know have plastic in it, there are also things that the average person doesn’t know has plastic hidden in it. For example, coffee cups are surrounded with plastic. The average American drinks 3.2 cups of coffee a day. When people go to a place like Starbucks and take one of their cups, what they probably don’t know is that the “paper cups” have plastic on the inside and outside. This makes the cup non-recyclable since it’s not paper nor plastic. In a year, these cups will add up to one thousand one hundred sixty-eight cups per one person on average and there are 7.7 billion people on the earth so that number will pile up in landfills for years. If people start to bring their own reusable cup they will be helping to fix the waste problem with a relatively simple solution.

Lastly, makeup wipes. Not only does it save you money, but it’s also not going to pollute water sources. The wipes have plastic sewed into them making them strong and durable, but also hard to break down. In the UK one time use wipes are the cause of ninety-three percent sewage pipe clogs. The reusable make-up towels are easy to use and clean and last longer than a pack of fifty wipes ever will. Making this change to a person’s life isn’t a hard one, since they can be found pretty much everywhere. People will also only have to buy one to last them years.

People won’t just be helping with pollution they’d also be helping their pockets. With all of these items you’d be saving yourself money in the long run since you won’t have to be repurchasing the items as often and helping the world by not adding to the already large landfills.

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