Men in Black

Izzy Gariel, newspaper staff

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No one really knows what they do, except cover up events that happened. A man who goes by the name of Jim Templeton had an encounter with the Men in Black.

He was out with his daughter, and snapped a picture of her, capturing the moment. When he looked back at the picture there was figure in the background. He claims that the figure was not there when he took the picture. And to this day, no one knows where the figure came from.

The film he used for the camera was verified as authentic definitely untampered with by Kodak, and with that, Templeton’s story went public. Not long after this event, he was visited by two “government agents,” who called themselves Number Nine and Number Ten.

The men demanded to see the site of the photo and they questioned Templeton about the occurrence. When Templeton told them that he had not seen the figure in the picture before he took the photo, the men got very angry and stormed out of the field, never to be seen again.

After that, Templeton was contacted later by two employees at a missile launch pad in Australia. Two of the employees in Australia claimed they saw two mysterious figures that resembled the man in Templeton’s daughter’s photo on the launch-pad security cameras.

Evidently, the missiles at the site in Australia had been produced only 20 miles away from the park field where Templeton had taken the photo, and soon leading many to believe that the incidents are connected.

Another story is about Paul miller, who was soon returning home from a hunting trip when he had seen a “luminous” disc in the sky. The disk he saw landed in an empty field, and two humanoids emerged from an aircraft. Paul Miller fired his guns and he believed to have injured one of the people in the aircraft.

He then fled down a rural road. It was in that moment that he realized that he had lost time. It was almost 3 hours later than he had first encountered the first aircraft. He just shrugged it off and he went back to his Air Force job that next day.

Nevertheless, upon Miller entering his work, he was immediately confronted by these three men in black suits. Despite having told nobody about the incident, the men said that they “knew all about it,” and even mentioned that his encounter would be best forgotten. “They seemed to know everything about me; my name, where I worked, and everything else,” Miller said.

They were also asking questions about the day prior to that day, but it was as if they already knew the answers to the questions. Like they were trying to see if Miller would tell the truth or not. Of course, Miller was terrified, he did not come forward about his experience until the years later.

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