How Students Feel About Homecoming Spirit Week

Damaris Sanchez, Editor

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Student council is currently under preparation for the annual Homecoming spirit week
celebrations, beginning Sep. 16.

“[Spirit week] is just a week to really amp up the school spirit and celebrate our awesome
football team, and just have some fun throughout the week with dress up days” Mrs. Dunham,
the sponsor of Student Council, said.

Students here at Lake expressed how they felt about some of our spirit days and whether
they were going to be participating.

Lauren Cochran, a senior here at Lake, said that she did not feel as excited to participate
as she had in the years prior because a lot of the themes seemed repetitive. However, she did
want to dress up for them anyway, as it is her last year. “I understand that it is difficult [to please
everyone] when we have so many people at our school, but we did it for Meme Monday last year
and everyone had so much fun. It makes a big difference when as [students] we feel heard and
catered to,” Lauren said.

Yet other students seem to think differently.

“I feel like we haven’t had any of them before, we’ve had neon day, and twin day, but
not neon-twin day” Alfonsina Grieco said, also a senior, and former member of Student Council.
However, she too mentioned that “It would be nice to [be able to] go on itslearning and vote for
the days ourselves”

Without considering whether students were going to be participating or not, it became
evident that students liked the idea of having more of a say in the decision-making process.
“In the past we’ve done it different ways where we had a suggestion box, and it just varies year
to year. We’re always open to suggestions that anybody might have.” Mrs. Dunham said.