On the Court

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On the Court

Fatima Khan, Reporter

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This year’s JV and Freshmen Volleyball season began Aug. 1 and will continue ountil the end of October.  

The coaches play an important part in motivating the team during games. According to Coach Eager, “they challenge”, “encourage”, and “push them hard to step out of their comfort zone” so that they’re confident and comfortable when they’re on the court, to be able to go after the ball. As the season begins, coaches provide helpful tips to their players so that they may always have fun and play the game diligently. 

 “I tell them to go out there and play like they practice because no one else sees how they practice, so they have to go out there every day and show what they can do and show everybody how good they are,” Coach O’Day, JV Volleyball Team Coach said.  

Some athletes tense up and get nervous during games, which causes them to not play their best. Therefore, the more games they play the easier it is for them to get comfortable in that environment. 

The volleyball players began practice this past summer by conditioning and participating in volleyball camps that not only helped them improve their techniques, but also helped them bond together as a team.  

During these practices, besides working on their skills of passing, hitting and serving receives, the team also practices setting, individual defense, and serving. The team’s first district game was on Friday, Sept. 13 where not only the team, but the coaches feel prepared.

Everyday we’re getting stronger and moving in the right direction, so I feel like we are very prepared this year,” Coach O’Day said. 

Support our Lady Falcons this season, for they can play hard and bring wins for our school. Send encouragement to the players during class or in the hallway on game days. Let’s start the year off with a great season!