Imelda Blows Us Away

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Imelda Blows Us Away

Damaris Sanchez, Editor

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Clear Lake shifts Spirit Week and Homecoming day for students due to Tropical Storm  Imelda and low-ticket sales.

Mr. Drake announced last Friday that because of the unexpected weather, Lake would be rescheduling events to accommodate students’ and teachers’ schedules.


“Due to inclement weather and school cancelations, we were forced to cancel the parade and evening pep rally,” Drake said.  “Attendance is low and ticket sales are almost non-existent.”


The homecoming football game against Chavez was moved to Saturday, Sep. 21. The Falcons suffered an unexpected loss, with a score of 24-21 on their home turf.


However, there is excitement in the air from the student body as Mr. Drake announced that students would get another week of homecoming celebrations beginning with dress-up days on Sep. 30.

The parade and the pep rally will be held on Wednesday Oct. 2. The homecoming coronation ceremony will take place before the game on Saturday, Oct. 5 against Alvin.


Students who purchased tickets prior to the first game may use them to attend the rescheduled dance on Oct. 5 in the Commons. Refunds will be made for those that can’t attend.


Mrs. Dunham, the student council sponsor, released the new dress up day themes for the week of Sep. 30.

The new dress up days are were inspired by Tropical Storm Imelda and are as follows:

Monday—Movie Monday

Tuesday—Tropical Tuesday

Wednesday—Wildlife Wednesday

Thursday—Inspiration Thursday

Friday—Western Falcon Friday

Despite the disastrous flooding Imelda brought to surrounding areas, Homecoming 2019 will proceed as planned—well, at least with Plan B.