Tropical Storm Imelda Hits Houston

Fatima Khan, Reporter

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Tropical Storm Imelda moved into Texas on Sep. 18 and brought flash flooding to some areas in Houston, TX.

Areas like downtown Houston, experienced flooding throughout Friday, Sep. 20, while others received only minor flooding.

“My house wasn’t damaged, but I did have to miss a day of school because the roads were flooded and I was unable to drive,” Mr. Orr said.

Starting Tuesday night, the district began working with weather specialists to monitor Tropical Storm Imelda and early morning the next day, sent out an email to all parents saying that school would be canceled due to the weather.

A lot of students had to cancel plans during the storm, while others were given plans for the week.

“It gave me more time to sleep in and actually do my work that I had pushed back, Vincent Duong, a Junior, said. Some of my tests got pushed back and it gave me more time to go to more tutorials after-school and get a better grade on the test.”

Tropical Depression Imelda has been the most severe storm since Hurricane Harvey. It left some areas of Houston with up to 43 inches of rain over the span of 3 days. Data reports have shown that 340 houses were damaged in the storm.

“I hope weather like this doesn’t happen at all, but after Harvey, which wasn’t supposed to be bad, I’m super vigilant,” Mr. Orr said.

Houston will continue to be vigilant since we still have many storms that could form this year.

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