Cross Country

Morgan Rast, Editor

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Cross country runners train every day here at Lake to keep healthy and make sure that they are ready for the meets which usually take place on Fridays.

There are many things that runners put effort into during cross country season. People are not always able to see all the training that is put into getting ready for the meets. Especially the amount of teamwork that is required for something like cross country.

“We basically train every day and do mileage and track workouts,” Josh Medina said.

Cross country practices from the first day of summer until the end of the season. Then the training gets easier, said Sean Roberts.

Both members of cross country, however, were in agreement with the necessity of having unity in the field.

Medina claimed that one person cannot win it all, though this may often be what it appears to be like for other people.

This is not the case.

In a real life scenario “I have to hype everyone up in the group, that’s kinda me because I’m the loud one in our group,” Medina said.

Meanwhile Roberts would “punch through the line during races,” to try and help his members pull through, in a race of about 300 people.

The cross country runners have put a lot of work into training for meets. Josh Medina believes that they will make it to state.