One-Stop Shop

The Lake Shop offers more than just merchandise

Jennifer Sanchez

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The Lake Shop is giving the students glance into the real-world side retail buy having them work in the school store.
The Lake Shop hires business and management students. As a result, these students learn business skills necessary in today’s workplace. Students are also responsible for decorating the window which is a form of advertising.

“It’s the students’ responsibility to run the place,” Ms. Jefferson said. Ms. Jefferson is the Career Prep teacher.

The store sells food, candy, drinks and clothes. The t-shirts that hang in the store window are designed and printed by the Lake Shop.

The Lake Shop’s profit margins 30%. In September, the store grossed $18,126.

Profits from these sales are donated to the Falcon Friend Pantry, Freshman Lanyards, staff t-shirts, etc. This money is also used to pay students’ salaries and for improvements to the store.

The Lake Shop gives these business students a real-world experience in sales and marketing.