Insight into Improv

Skyler Webb, Editor

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 Improv is a form of live theatre made up on the spot, and on stage, from the plot to the characters.   

“It is a form of theatre where there are no scripts. The players have no knowledge of the game before hand, and they have no knowledge of what they will be playing,” Mr. Husain said. 

The upcoming Improv show on Oct. 4 will feature theatre students who have been preparing for the show and stepping out of their comfort zones 

I’m really looking forward to it, Joel Schoenberg said. “We’ve been practicing for a while and I think it is going to be really good.  

Before the performance the players and Mr. Husain practice for the show with acting exercises and warmups. 

“When I prepare for an Improv show, every week I have a set of games I want to teach,” Mr. Husain said. “The end of the week is open time for the players. They cycle through games they’ve never played, cycling through things they are uncomfortable with.” 

The games that Mr. Husain refers to are intended to challenge the players in order to prepare them for the performance, which will be similar on stage. 

“Thinking on your feet is really hard and you embarrass yourself a lot,” Geneva Yocham said.  

The Improv Troupe had auditions for their annual performances, which will take place on Oct. 4-5 in the PAC at 7 p.m.