President Trump May Ban Tik-Tok in the US

Michelle Garcia, Reporter

President Donald Trump is planning on banning TikTok, a popular social media app with over 100 million users.

There is no specific date on when this could happen, according to The New York Times It could take effect on November 12.

President Trump is banning tiktok because he believes that Chinese company Byte Dance is not safe and could access personal information from Tik-Tok users in the United States. Once banned, there won’t be any security concerns, including crime and harm towards American citizens.

President Trump is trying to prevent any security problems, he is concerned that maybe Chinese Byte Dance can hand personal information from Tik-Tok users to the Chinese government.

President Trump has started to ban Chinese platform Tik-Tok by maybe making an Executive order to force Byte Dance to take Tik-Tok off the United States.

Microsoft and Walmart have tried to buy Tik-Tok but didn’t have luck because they weren’t chosen by Byte Dance.

If tiktok got banned, US citizens would still be able to use it, but would not receive updates for the app. In the future all US users could experience some glitches and other problems.

The government may be able to delete the app from the app store but cannot delete it from people’s phones if they already have it installed. So, people who have installed it in their phones can still go through all featured videos and can even make their own.

If They remove Tik-Tok from app stores then the app cannot receive updates and patches, then it will make devices less secure. Nearly 1,500 people work for Tik-Tok and they demand that Tik-Tok can still be able to pay them, according to The Washington Post.

More than 1,000 influencers use this social media platform and have built productive (saying they’re productive is technically an opinion) businesses in the app. Influencers have implored their followers to keep up with them in their other social media accounts.