Trump demands Joe Biden take a drug test

Tyson Gagliano , reporter

During a press conference on Sep. 11, President Trump threw the idea
that democratic nominee Joe Biden was using “performance enhancing
drugs” during the Democratic Party’s primary debates.

The president would then double down on his statement, saying he’s
“strongly demanding” Joe Biden take a drug test before their first
presidential debate on Tuesday. Afterwards, he said “naturally, I will
take one also.”

In the past, Trump has referred to Biden as “Sleepy Joe” due to his
frequent mess ups while speaking. In November, President Trump
stated that Joe Biden has handlers “because he makes a mistake every
time he speaks.”

Later, Trump would say he has evidence of Biden using drugs.

“You can check the internet,” the President said.

This is not the first time he has speculated a candidate was using drugs.
In 2016, Trump accused Hilary Clinton of using drugs to improve her
performance at the debates.

So far, there has been no proof to his claims.