Liberty County Murder

Morgan Rast, Editor

In Liberty County Saturday evening, A woman was found dead with a gunshot wound in a burned car, and her coworker was inside the house of Jose Marin Soriano tied to a bed after being blackmailed.

The two women worked for Soriano cleaning his house, and somehow got ahold of some revealing pictures of the woman who died in the car.

“For unknown reasons, the vehicle caught fire and the woman was badly burned,” the Deputies said.

The woman in the car tried to leave the house and crashed the car in the woods across the street from the house.

“A gunshot wound was found when the woman was later examined” the investigators said.

Soriano sexually assaulted the woman that was in the house and tied her up by the ankle and her neck.

“it was his cellphone the other victim used to call the sheriff’s department” deputies said.

Soriano tried to follow the woman that was escaping and left his phone inside, he shot her while the other one quickly called the police.

“Soriano fled the scene in a gray Ford pickup truck, which was found Monday” deputies said.

The investigators are led to believe that he switched into another car he borrowed from his family.

“Soriano is armed and could be dangerous” deputies said.

The woman in the car was dead when police showed up, the woman tied to the bed is alive. Jose Soriano Is still being searched for.