Woman Arrested for Refusing to Wear Mask at Middle School Football Game

Alexa Ward, Editor-in-Chief

In Ohio, a woman was arrested for refusing to wear a mask at her son’s middle school football game on Wednesday, Sep. 28.

Alecia Kitts was asked multiple times to cooperate with school policy and refused multiple times, claiming she had asthma. Logan police officer Chris Smith told her that if she refused to wear a mask, she would be asked to leave.

“She continually refused his request and Officer Smith advised her that if she refused to leave, she would be cited for trespassing and escorted off the property,” the Logan Police department said via Facebook.

After several attempts to get her to leave, Officer Smith said she was under arrest for criminal trespassing. He asked her to put her hands behind her back but she refused.

Somebody nearby began recording after the initial confrontation.

“Get off me! You’re not arresting me for nothing. I ain’t doing nothing wrong!” Kitts said.

Officer Smith tried to put her hands behind her back but she still resisted.

“Officer Smith advised her to comply or he would deploy his Taser if she did not quit resisting. She continued to resist, and Officer Smith placed his Taser on her shoulder area and drive stunned her once,” Logan Police said.

Not wearing a mask is a violation of the guidelines issued by the governor and the Ohio High School Athletic Association to every district in Ohio, according to the Marietta school district Superintendent Will Hampton.

“It is critically important to understand that if we want to continue to enjoy athletics, these are the rules that we must follow,” Hampton said. “If spectators chose not to follow the orders of the governor and the OHSAA, we could lose the opportunity to participate in athletic competition for our student athletes, and our ability as spectators to cheer them on.”

Kitts’ lawyer, Maurice Thompson, claims that she was not in violation of any laws and therefore should not be charged.

“Ms. Kitts explained to the police officer and administrators that she has asthma, but they ignored her,” Thompson wrote. “Their position was that un-masked asthmatic must leave the stadium, which is not consistent with any directive or other law.”

CNN searched statewide policies and found a medical exception for those who have “respiratory conditions that restrict breathing.”

“Ms. Kitts was obviously alone with her children, outdoors, at a distance of much greater than six feet from anyone else,” Thompson told WCMH television. “Thus, she broke no Ohio law, not even the governor’s own legally dubious health directives upon which the school relied.”

Since the incident, threats have flooded the Logan Police Department, forcing Officer Smith to go off duty for his safety and putting the school he works for into a lockdown.

The Logan Police Department announced that the case is still under investigation.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2020/09/26/us/ohio-woman-tased-football-game-mask-trnd/index.html