MD Anderson Blood Drive is a Success

Tyson Gagliano, Reporter

Clear Lake High School held a blood drive for people in need of blood. The event was held on Oct. 7, 2020. It took place in the small gym.

The event was held to collect blood for cancer patients. Clear Lake partnered with MD Anderson Cancer Center to hold the event.

The requirements to participate were you must be 17 or older, must weigh at least 110 pounds and must have school ID. Other requirements are up to MD Anderson, such as sexual activity related to STDs and Iron levels.

There was some changes due to COVID-19. Some changes are temperature checks when you walk in, a fresh mask provided by MD Anderson to wear while getting your blood drawn, gloves the workers are wearing are changed out when done drawing blood, social distancing with chairs, and everything is thoroughly wiped down after use.

“I actually think MD Anderson is more precautious because they are a cancer hospital so they have to make sure what they’re doing is truly safe,” Ms. Williams said.

“It’s hugely important [to donate], Over the years unfortunately Lake hasn’t had a huge turnout, but in the past 4 years we’ve increased and changed that.”

The numbers of students and staff participating has gone up in recent years and continues to be huge and vital contribution to those in need.