Race for Homecoming Queen

A look into this year’s homecoming queen nominees

Michelle Garcia, Reporter

Six nominees compete for the role of  homecoming queen. The six nominees are Alyssa Rogers, Brooke Lardie, Michelle Feng, Eileen Bulgier, Alexis Fletcher and Bianca Swanson.

Lardie, who is a senior and captain of the CLHS cheer team and is one of the nominees of homecoming queen.

She thinks as herself as a good leader and representative of the school.

“I am very excited and lucky to experience this, and I am glad students think of me as a good representative,” Lardie said.

Her friends describe her as a nice genuine person and a kind person to everyone.

“I am planning on going to college and I plan on going to law school to begin my career” Lardie said.

Another nominee of homecoming queen is Alyssa Rogers, who is a senior and plays in the CLHS Softball team.

She is really looking forward on walking on the field and being homecoming queen. “If I don’t get picked its not a big deal,” Rogers said.

“My friends would describe me as a crazy and funny person,” Rogers said.

“I want to start my nursing career, graduate and be a successful person in life,” Rogers said. She was a co-captain in softball last year and still plays softball this year.

“I think I could win but I think everybody else could win because there is a lot of good people in the court and I think this was a big tossup,” Lardie said.

There is a high chance that everybody could win, and many nominees still have their high chances. The deadline to vote for CLHS homecoming princess, queens and kings was Oct. 30,2020.

Winners of the homecoming court will be announced at the homecoming football game on Saturday, Nov. 14, 2020 at 1 p.m.