Varsity Volleyball Headed for Playoffs

Sarim Bhaidani, Reporter

The varsity volleyball team is going to the playoffs this year with a district record of 5-6. Even with COVID-19 being a big part of this year’s season, the volleyball team is not slacking and are making the most of it.

Throughout the season the players have been faced with challenges, like having to wear masks on the court. This can hinder the performance of the individual due to limited airflow into the lungs and according to the players make playing much harder than before.

The players say that the masks have played a big part in the gameplay as a whole, and in some ways, made the sport harder to play in general. Even so the players ecstatic about making it to the playoffs and feel that they will continue to conquer other teams within the state.

It is reasonable to be wearing masks even if they can cause the effects of fatigue to take place earlier during games and practices. Masks are proven to prevent the spread of aerosols which are the small droplets of water that come out of our mouth when we speak or cough. These aerosols are the medium by which corona virus spreads.

During the summer is when most of the players found out about the fact that they would have to wear masks on the court 100% of the time. Some report being absolutely devastated due to the realization that they will be having a harder time playing the physically demanding sport that is volleyball.

Going to playoffs is a first for all the players, since the last time it happened was around 6 years ago. But they say that they are ready for the best and worst, even with their limited experience in the playoff scene.

With coronavirus hopefully coming to an end in the next few months, all the players say they plan to stay in volleyball for the rest of their years at Clear Lake High School. Although there is no guarantee that the pandemic will end any time soon, volleyball players are optimistic ad hoping for the best.

Almost all of them express the fact that they have a lot of fun with the sport and making it to payoffs gives them a higher level of motivation to play harder.

The varsity’s ability to push through times like these and play their best is something the school respects a great deal. With the intensity that they are moving forward with, their path will not end here.