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Boys Cross Country prepares to take on regionals


Michelle Garcia, Reporter

The Boys Cross country team is going to regionals on Nov. 12 at Heroes Park.

The cross-country team is confident they will emerge victorious.

“I think we are pretty good, and I think we should perform well” Jack Musgrave said.

Musgrave is a freshmen who has been in cross-country for 6 years.

“I think we are pretty good, and we got the potential to possibly go to state” Musgrave said.

Hamid Rodriguez is a sophomore who has been in High School cross country for 2 years.

“I see myself in 5 years in college and doing cross country or track if I get offered it,” Rodriguez said.

The Cross Country team is training hard for a possible win in region.

“I train a lot every morning,” Rodriguez said.

The cross-country team has been preparing for the November 12 and hope that they will pass on to state level.

“We train all year and everyday,” Musgrave said.

The Cross Country team is confident and can take in any challenge.

“We are a better team than everyone else,” Rodriguez said.

Musgrave’s goal is to get to college and do track or cross country and earn a scholarship.

Cross country students encourage students to join cross country or track. It can be a challenge, but they are sure it’s worth it.

“[Cross Country] is pretty hard, but its really good and its something that should be considered for sure” Musgrave said.