After We Collided

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

The After We Collided stars Josephine Langford as Tessa Young and Hero Fiennes as Hardin Scott. One month after his break up with Tessa, Hardin finds himself struggling to forget her, while Tessa tries to avoid him and focus on her new job at Vance Publishing with her new coworker Trevor. Tessa and Hardin go on a roller coaster of emotions with a lots of ups and downs, big events that could change their lives and even a love triangle.

Genre: Romance, Melodrama, Drama, Adaptation.

Rating: R

Director: Roger Kumble

Producers: Jennifer Gibgot, Nicolas Chartier, Anna Todd, Aron Levitz, Mark Canton, Courtney Solomon and Brian Pitt.

Writers: Anna Todd and Mario Celaya

Release Date: Oct. 23, 2020

Production Company: Voltage Pictures


Opinion: It wasn’t that bad but it could have been better because I feel like they just kept repeating the same steps, over and over. There are other better romance movies if you’re looking for one. Tessa was kind of different in the way she dressed and acted in this movie than the first one. I would give this movie three and a half stars out of five, because I like that it was funny but I feel like it could have a better plot and storyline.