A Homecoming Game with Some Unexpected Big Plays

Sarim Bhaidani, Editor

The homecoming game that took place on Saturday, Nov. 14 had many plays that the people in the stands were stunned by.

The first three points were scored by Max Loucks, the kicker, after a 65-yard run to the 6-yard line by one of the starting running backs, Jaheim Wyatt. Unfortunately, the Falcons couldn’t get the ball across the line and were forced to go for the field goal.

Though many other touchdowns were scored, there were a couple of plays that stood out overall.

Mark Wilson, the starting corner for the Brazoswood game went in at receiver for a single play and caught a 68-yard post route that put the Falcons at the one-yard line. Shortly after, they ran down the middle with Ethan Herrera for the touchdown.

A single drive later, the Falcons pushed the Buccaneers back to around the ten-yard line where they were forced to punt the ball on fourth down. Destin Grant powered through the offensive line and blocked the punt. The punter wound up grabbing hold of the ball after one bounce.

Not even a second later Grant, once again, tackled the punter and he ended up letting go of the ball. De’amoni Wright was in the perfect position to grab the ball run it about three yards for the touchdown.

The score in by the end of the game was 40 to 7. A victory for the Falcons, bringing their overall record to 2-4.

This year there was unfortunately no homecoming dance for Clear Lake due to the covid-19 precautions the school is taking. This had upset many people but the higherups feel it is necessary to keep the school safe from spreading the pandemic.

This didn’t stop them from choosing homecoming king and queen. The winners were Joseph Wolken, the starting middle line backer for the Clear Lake Falcons football team, and Michelle Feng, a soundwaves Choir member.

All in all, homecoming might have been different this year for the Falcons but the definitely made the most of it with a stunning victory.