Some Distance Isn’t That Bad

Some Student Takes on Social Distancing Regulations

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

With covid-19, to ensure student’s safety, schools have new rules and regulations.

Brandon Maddox, freshman, thinks social distancing is important but thinks some of the regulations are a little much.

“I do understand but I feel like somethings are a little extreme,” Maddox said.

Maxwell (Max) Perkins, freshman, agrees with him but thinks everyone should continue to be cautious and follow the rules in place.

“Yeah I feel like everyone should take the right precautions,” Perkins said.

Maddox thinks that our school takes proper care of social distancing.

“I feel like they’re really on top of it and I really feel safe,” Maddox said.

Perkins agrees with him but think that the school can be less strict towards the issue.

“I think they can even be a little bit more lenient,” Perkins said.

If Maddox could change something about the school’s care of social distancing, it would be the big crowds.

“They let big crowds in the hallways be together, which is fine they’re just doing their thing, I wouldn’t be in them personally,” Maddox said.

Perkins would change how we handle removing our masks at lunch.

“At lunch they mask off a bunch of things and try to take the right precautions, but it really doesn’t work and I think they should remove that system,” Perkins said.

Maddox thinks teachers do a good job enforcing district guidelines.

“Yeah I feel like they are really on top of it, for sure,” Maddox said.

Perkins agrees with him.

“I think they do a good job following district guidelines, they tell me when I’m slipping up my mask or not and keep it under control.” Perkins said.

Maddox thinks the biggest thing social distancing has changed for him in his day-to-day life is going out with friends.

“Probably the biggest thing for me personally is I like to go to a certain restaurant with my friends a lot after school, but with social distancing we can only sit four at a table,” Maddox said. “It has been really hard trading off who gets to go and who doesn’t.”

Perkins thinks that regulations have made things a bit more difficult but doesn’t think it has been bad.

“It just made things a little bit more difficult to do normal activities, but I don’t think it’s been that bad,” Perkins said.

In this pandemic we need to continue following the school’s regulations to ensure everyone’s safety.