Mrs. Boos

December Teacher of the Month

Mrs. Boos

Michelle Garcia, Reporter

This month, we would like to recognize Mrs. Boos for being teacher of the month.

Q:How do you feel about being teacher of the month?

A: It is an honor, it makes me feel appreciated, I know everyone’s has put work like parents, students, teachers, administration so it feels nice to be appreciated.

Q: What are your biggest accomplishments?

A: I think just making it, everyone’s having such a rough year, its just the fact that we’ve made it to the first semester, I feel like that’s an accomplishment.

Q: What are your goals?

A: I like for everyone to make an improvement this year, so that means that all students, regardless of what level they are if they are struggling a lot or if they are advanced or whatever I want everyone to make some sort of improvement because I feel like we are all somewhat a set-back last year.

Q: Did you expect to be teacher of the month?

A: No never!

Q: What motivated you to be a teacher?

A: I guess not what motivated me, but my favorite part would be just like the “Aha” moments when someone’s struggling, and you know you are able to make that connection, that’s a good feeling.

Q: Where would you like to see your students in the future?

A: Happy, and that has nothing to do with academics or anything I just want them to be happy.

Q: What’s a challenge that you could face in the future?

A: I think a big fear of everyone Is that we are going to get shut down and that would be a challenge for everyone it would be a completely different scenario than in the spring I think we would need to have much higher expectations and that would be kind of difficult.

Q: What’s your message towards your students?

A: Just go after what makes you happy whether that’s not algebra or whether that’s a certain career or being with your family, just do whatever makes you happy.