Lovely Tones

Alex Fabian Garcia, Reporter

For Valentines Day, Soundwaves are singing songs to raise money.

The Soundwaves are the top choir group at the school.

“It’s higher than choir, so we get to just sing for the school more than choir does,” Michaela Rocabado, junior, said. “We get to perform in pep rallies and games, and we also get to do more of jazz type of music, which is different from regular choir music.”

Soundwaves consists of students who really love music.

“Soundwaves is just like a bunch of people who come together, who really loves music and jazz music and just want to get together and have fun,” Evion Evanson, junior, said.

Covid has presented some challenges for the Soundwaves, but that doesn’t stop them from practicing to have the best performance possible.

“We get to choose our class time, but because not everybody is here and some people are in Clear Connections or in a different class because of weird scheduling, we have to stay every Monday to rehearse,” Rocabado said.

With Covid, the Soundwaves haven’t been able to do all of their usual events, but they still have performances planned throughout the rest of the school year.

“This year because of Covid, we can’t do a lot of activities, like we usual would sing the National Anthem at a basketball game but we can’t do that this year but I know that they’re probably putting on another virtual show for the spring, and we’re also doing like a jazz festival that we’re submitting some music for them to kind of critique us and tell us how we can be better,” Rocabado said.

Love and passion can bring the best out of the best of Soundwaves.

“To be in Soundwaves you have to be in varsity choir first but you also have to really have love and passion for music and singing, you don’t have to be the best of the best but just have to have a to be wanting to be the best and to work with other people,” Rocabado said.

In choir, you have to work hard to get to the top.

“It just takes a lot of love for music and really willing to learn and take criticism and really like just throw yourself into and see how far you can go,” Evanson said.

The Soundwaves are performing on the week before Valentine’s Day.